If I’m pregnant, I’m eating for two…. right?

You may have heard the myth that when you are pregnant, you are “eating for two”. That’s not really true! While you do have a new life growing inside of you, your small baby does not need as much nutrients as you would, so you shouldn’t multiply your food intake exactly by two.

A good rule of thumb is to eat about 300 more calories a day in your second trimester, which is about one sandwich, and 450 extra calories a day for your third trimester, which you can get with a bowl of pasta.

Too much weight gain

Gaining weight is part and parcel of any pregnancy. However, you should take care to not gain too much weight. If you gain too much weight, you will feel more lethargic, have more pains and aches in your back and legs and possibly develop varicose veins. You might also develop high blood pressure or gestational diabetes.

If your baby gains too much weight, a natural delivery will cease to be an option, and you will need a caesarean section delivery, which is a surgery that carries its own risks.

Too little weight gain

Gaining too little weight during pregnancy is not a good thing either. You should certainly not be dieting while pregnant. If you gain too little weight, it often means that your baby is malnourished. This may lead to a premature delivery and you could have a low-birth weight baby. You want as far as possible to give your baby a good, healthy start in life!

Eat healthily for healthy weight gain

The important thing to do is to eat healthily throughout your pregnancy, getting enough calories and nutrients for you and your baby. You may like to invest in a home weighing machine to help you manage your weight for a healthier pregnancy.