Breastfeeding Basics

How will my baby latch on for breastfeeding?

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I can’t do direct breastfeeding. How do I express my breast milk for my baby to consume?

Sometimes, you may not be able to directly breastfeed your baby. In these instances, your baby can still continue receiv....

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How can I improve my milk supply?

Natural production of milk Your breasts have what are called mammary glands that produce bre....

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Am I producing enough breast milk for my baby?

How much milk does my baby need? Your newborn is very small, so it makes sense that your new....

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Is it okay for me to diet while breastfeeding?

It is understandable that you would want to lose all the weight that you've put on while pregnant as soon as possible, a....

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17 Breastfeeding myths dispelled

For all the benefits that breast....

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What should I do if my baby has problems latching on?

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your baby has problems latching on. It can be frustrating, but it is not impossibl....

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Why is it important to have early skin-to-skin contact with my baby?

Post delivery, after your baby is thoroughly dried, your baby should be placed, tumm....

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What are the benefits of breastfeeding, and the disadvantages of formula feeding?
What happens to my baby immediately after delivery?

Immediately after birth If ....

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